We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Preceptorship programme at C&I

In line with the CapitalNurse Preceptorship Framework we support all of our newly qualified nurses (NQNs) with a structured preceptorship programme. Our well established and successful programme will assist your transition from a student nurse to a registered mental health nurse by developing confidence, clinical skills, knowledge and values, and collegial networks across the Trust. 

The programme includes:
  • A preceptorship lead to co-ordinate the programme and offer support to all NQNs and preceptors 
  • An allocated preceptor for you to work with for a minimum of one shift a week 
  • A Nursing Process in Action development day as part of the NQN induction week 
  • A two week supernumerary period at the start of employment 
  • Formal review meetings at regular intervals during the preceptorship period 
  • A six month Training and Development Programme for all NQNs developed in partnership with MyCareAcademy. The programme covers key learning priorities and quality improvement initiatives, including PACE (Positive and Caring Environment), Keeping the Patient Safe and Medication Management.
  • A monthly Action Learning Group
  • A preceptorship handbook including: 
                   - A charter and sign off declaration 
                   - Practice feedback logs 
                   - Transitional Needs Analysis  
                   - A skill self-assessment log 
                   - Reflective practice logs 
                   - Core competencies 

Rotational Development Programme at C&I

We also offer our NQNs an opportunity to join the Rotational Development Programme from the point of employment. The aim of the programme is to develop transferable, clinical and leadership skills over a period of 18 months. This will support you in your career development as on completion of the programme you will be in an excellent position to apply for band 6 posts in a variety of clinical settings. 
Our rotational nurses spend six months in each clinical placement and move through the clinical pathways of:
   ► Acute
   ► Recovery and Rehabilitation
   ► Ageing and Mental Health Services
The programme includes: 
  • A dedicated rotational coach for each pathway to support our nurses through the programme 
  • A rotational development handbook in place to reflect on practice, consolidate on skills throughout the programme and to meet specialist band 6 competencies 
  • Opportunities to join specialist teams in the Trust 
  • Dedicated HR support for band 6 job opportunities and interview preparation 
For more information on our Preceptorship or Rotational programme, please contact our Preceptorship lead Dean Gimblett on Dean.Gimblett@candi.nhs.uk


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