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Service users and carers

Our aim is for our service users and carers to be partners in everything that we do. 

What is a service user?

At C&I we use the term ‘service user’ to describe anyone who is a patient or a user of our services.  Throughout our website and in our literature we frequently interchange the terms service user and patient. In both cases we mean the same thing.

What is a carer?

A person can be formally classed as a ‘carer’ if they provide regular unpaid practical support to a relative or friend or person that cannot manage without help because of their age, illness or disability. But people who assist someone in this way may not necessarily identify themselves as being a ‘carer’, particularly if they are a parent or a neighbour who helps out occasionally. 

In this section you can find sources of support, access to our Feedback, Advice and Complaints Team and details about the Mental Health Act.

Download our Service User Involvement Strategy

Community Links Directory

The Community Links Directory is a quick reference guide for service users and professionals to find out about useful information and resources available in Camden and Islington. You can download the Community Links Directory here.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Service User Survey

All service users should be treated fairly and with respect. We are committed to ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what we do.
Please help us to make sure our services are right for all, by completing our survey. In answering the questions, it might help you to think about:
  • How well you think the services you use are meeting your health needs?
  • How well you think the services you use meet the needs of all people?

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