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Rosewood unit

We are a woman-only ward where our team provides individual care planning and assessments so we know how best to take care of you.

During your time with us you will be given the choice of being assessed by a female doctor and you will have a primary or associate nurse who is female unless otherwise indicated.

Individual care will include one-to-one support from all members of the team which includes our nuses, occupational therapists and psychologists.

Our team hopes to provide a safe therapeutic environment for women whose care and safety would be compromised on a mixed gender ward.


We care for women with a wide range of mental health problems, including mood disorders, psychosis, learning disabilities and personality disorders.

Priority will be given to those who hold strong cultural or religious views preventing admission to a mixed ward, if you have have been the victim of a sex offence (including historical abuse), have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, have children in your care and need maximum potential for contact, are pregnant, or if you wish  to be treated on a women’s ward.

We support and protect transsexual and transgender service users, who may be admitted depending on the gender in which they live permanently, this includes those who choose to live as a woman without intending to undergo medical gender reassignment.

Rosewood is based at the Huntley Centre in St Pancras Hospital and provides a 12-bed ward. You will be able to use the communal area which has a TV and sofas, a kitchen which is open throughout the day and a dining area. We also provide and a seperate space for activities including painting, talking groups and more.

Additionally, there is access to a dedicated family visiting space for when your loved ones come to see you.

  • We encourage family contact
  • Provision of a dedicated children or family visiting room adjacent to the ward
  • Compassionate care is provided by the team

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