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Friendly, confidential and knowledgeable about the impact club drugs can have on individuals wellbeing

Grip Club Drugs Service

The Stimulant & Club Drug Clinic at the Margarete Centre provides tailored specialist support to help you deal with the problems associated with club drugs, and reduce the risks and harm caused to your body, mind and the people around you. Services available Individual drug counselling Group work Specialist evening clinic Assessment & advice with mental health professionals Clinical Psychology Auricular acupuncture Yoga Needle exchange Blood tests for HIV & Hepatitis and free vaccination for Hepatitis A & B Access to residential drug treatment Access to primary care healthcare Access to GBL detox Aftercare Support Peer support and mutual aid

18 plus

For residents of Camden and Islington who want information, advice or treatment for problematic usage of club drugs which can include: Mephedrone Methamphetamine/Crystal GBL/GHB Cocaine Ketamine Legal Highs MDMA Crack Ecstasy LSD Steroids

You will be offered an assessment with knowledgeable and experienced staff who can discuss your support needs. Treatment is tailored to meet individual need. You will be involved in your care planning and goal setting at the start of your treatment to optimise the treatment you receive. The length of time you will be in treatment will depend on the outcome of the assessment and goals set.

Friendly, confidential and knowledgeable about the impact club drugs can have on individuals wellbeing.

New GRIP Clinic drop-in service

We have recently launched a new drop-in clinic which runs every Tuesday evening from 5-8pm. 
For free, confidential advice and support in dealing with problems related to club drugs, pop into the clinic at: Bloomsbury Clinic, Mortimer Market Centre, WC1E 6JB No appointment needed.

Grip Group

Our Grip Group service is also available every Wednesday from 6-7.30pm and is located at The Margarete Centre, 108 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2LS. To attend this group you must have a referral. You can be referred by a professional or you can refer yourself to the group by emailing grip@nhs.net


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