We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

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"I think the service was excellent! Very easy to understand. Useful information. I did not realise there were so many organisations to help."

Dementia Navigator Service

We offer a one-off contact to all people who have a new diagnosis of dementia, usually from the Islington Memory Assessment and Treatment Service.

Long-term support from the Dementia Navigators is available to anyone with dementia who: lives in Islington, is registered with an Islington GP, and has been diagnosed with dementia.

The Dementia Navigator service is unable to provide long term support to people (and their carers) who are under the care of Islington Services for Ageing and Mental Health Community Mental Health Team or Islington Memory Assessment and Treatment Service. This is because people who have a service from these teams have a named nurse or care coordinator. The nurse or care coordinator will be able to offer you support equivalent to that which the Dementia Navigators provide. We're also unable to provide long-term support to people (and their carers) living in residential or nursing care.


We provide proactive support to people who have dementia and are living in Islington. The Navigators also support people who are caring for someone who has dementia. 

We will arrange to visit you at home to talk about what you need help or support with and to agree a plan to work on these areas. This may include accessing day centres, arranging help from social services support, support with housing issues, benefits information and signpost to appropriate services. We will provide you with information that is relevant to you and your condition. If you do not have a named worker in the Memory Service or Community Mental Health Team, we will offer you on-going contact with the team to address any concerns or additional needs which may arise.
  • People with dementia will have high quality, relevant, personalised information about their condition
  • Support  that is personalised, timely and preventative
  • Making Islington a more dementia friendly place to live

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