Mental Health Liaison Assessment Team (ILAT)

We provide an emergency assessment service for people with mental health conditions who present to the emergency department of the Whittington Hospital. Additionally, we offer emergency psychiatric consultations at the inpatient wards here.

We aim to expand the role of psychiatry and psychology, to ensure all patients, regardless of diagnoses within the acute hospital receive care that considers their mental and physical health together.

Any person that presents or is admitted to The Whittington Hospital who is in an acute mental health crisis.

We provide a prompt assessment of your acute mental health needs by a multi disciplinary, integrated mental health team. Dependent on the outcome of the assessment you will be directed to appropriate services best suited to meet their needs.

  • Fast and effective assessment of a patients mental health needs by a multi disciplinary team
  • Close links with other local services to ensure robust and effective follow up where required
  • Regular training and teaching to the Whittington Hospital staff to improve their knowledge about mental health issues

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