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Topaz Ward

We are an inpatient ward based at Highgate Mental Health Centre. Our team of health professionals will show you to your room and provide information about the ward on your arrival. Our ward doctor will conduct an assessment of your phyiscal and mental health before the nurses draw up a care plan with you. The team will prescribe and administer appropriate treatment for your condition and may even suggest a psychologist or occupational therapist works with you too.

16 - 65 People stuggling with their mental health

Topaz is a mixed sex 16-bed ward with six female beds, 7 male and 3 unisex beds, all rooms are en-suite. There is a mixed and a female only lounge for you to relax. There are also various forms of entertainment including board games,  pool table, table tennis, and more. We aim on average for around 28 days stay on the unit however each person's treatment varies and your stay will be dependent on your needs.

  • Team of qualified, non judgemental professionals
  • A safe environment for you to explore any issues you have
  • A treatment plan which we work on with you and is sensitive to your needs

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