We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

The Greenwood Centre

The Greenwood Centre, which opened in February 2019, is a community based day service for adult residents in Camden which empowers people towards better mental and physical wellbeing.

The service, formerly run from Highgate Day Centre, aims to support people with enduring mental health conditions to substantially improve their quality of life in a supported community.

The Centre works with members to agree goals within a program of activities to help make positive changes. It is suitable for people who are motivated to make changes in their lives and committed to attend and take part in groups. A minimum requirement for all members is that they attend at least one activity based group every week. The service is a Camden and Islington NHS Foundation service and works in partnership with members’ secondary care teams. 

The Centre helps members build resilience to prevent the further onset of mental health problems and to alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety and low mood.

We will focus on helping people achieve positive outcomes in five main areas: mental wellbeing, physical health, social networks, daily living and skill development. We adopt a strengths based recovery approach and will support members to progress into meaningful activities outside of the centre. The Greenwood Mental Health Service places an importance on creative learning as a way of promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Members gain the opportunity to be part of a community that is committed to recovery and learning and have access to a range of activities, workshops and resources including:

  • a music studio with live recording facilities and range of instruments
  • digital music production facilities and photography editing
  • an art studio with pottery wheels and kilns, a range of art materials and tools
  • a thriving roof garden
  • access to computers and Wi-Fi
  • access to Practitioners for emotional and practical support including welfare rights and advocacy work

The Greenwood Centre is a Centre for Independent Living. It houses numerous services for people with various different disabilities. The Building contains a public café, a conference hall, a music studio, art studio, dark room and 3 roof gardens. The Greenwood Mental Health Service is situated over the 1st and 2nd floors of the Centre and one of the Roof Gardens. For more information about The Greenwood Centre, please click here.

Types of Membership:

  1. Re-abalement Membership: For any Camden resident receiving secondary care mental health services. Service is for up to 12 weeks to support people to address current mental health challenges and engage in meaningful activity. Access is agreed by Greenwood Mental Health Service staff but will not exceed 3 days per week. We priortise re-ablement referrals for those exiting the acute day unit as a dicharge step down.
  1. Full Membership: For Camden residents who are under the care of secondary care services. Service is for up to 2 years funded through personal budgets and subject to a social care assessement. Access is depdent on what members are funded for.


  • Intense peer support
  • Wide range of facilities and activities






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