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Sutherland Ward

We provide long term rehabilitation, assessment and treatment for people with a wide range of mental health problems. Our aim is to assist you to be able to live independently by creating opportunities for you to take responsibility for your life.

Our team of healthcare professionals work with you and your carer to create a treatment plan following a holistic assessment of your needs, strengths and life goals. We also assess your mental and physical state, social and family circumstances and your cultural needs.


Sutherland is a fourteen bed ward with three communal areas; mixed, female only and a male only space. These areas have sofas and a TV for you to relax, and there is a kitchen which is open throughout the day.  Additionally, there is a seperate room for activites including artwork, painting, talking groups and more.

  • Supporting you to gain or regain confidence and skills in everyday activities
  • Assisting you to maximise your individual potential
  • Great team work

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