Sexual Problems Clinic

We provide a talking therapy service but have the medical expertise to also identify physical problems.

Typical problems that we assess and treat include:

  • difficulty with arousal and erectile function
  • ejaculation and orgasm
  • low or high libido
  • female sexual pain, fears and anxiety about intercourse  

We also work with people who find their sexual problems are affecting relationships, which includes anxiety and loss of confidence in sexual performance and lack of sexual satisfaction.

Given the diversity and complexity of human sexual identity we would also assess a wide variety of other issues if considered a problem. This can include matters such as addiction to pornography and fetishism, or concerns about sexual orientation.

Who we are

We provide a unique service with both medical and psychological expertise and can integrate these skills to help resolve people’s sexual problems more efficiently.  
We have two specialists in our team, both with many years of experience in assessing and treating psychosexual problems. Dr Sheraz Ahmad is a consultant psychiatrist and a COSRT trained sex therapist. Dr Catherine Hood is a specialty doctor with a background in sexual health and is an IPM trained sex therapist.   
We are a scarce resource in the NHS and as part of our ethos we are a training clinic. Patients are often asked for their permission for trainees to sit and observe the appointment. All trainees at the clinic are fully qualified health professionals in their own field and are undertaking additional training in sex therapy. The experience for the trainees is invaluable, however we appreciate and respect that individuals may prefer to see the doctors alone and have the right to refuse. 

Our service is for anybody who is experiencing difficulty in their sexual and intimate life. We know that sexual problems can arise as a result of both physical and psychological processes and often these co-exist.

We work with all adults from 18 years and over, we can review as individuals or couples for an average of six sessions with appointments being typically 3 – 4 weeks apart. We see people from all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation. We can book interpreters if needed.  

Most attendees will have seen their GP and had initial assessment and investigations if required. Once it has been established that there is a psychological component to the problem then we will assess.

Please note that we do not assess people for Gender Identity Disorder. Those seeking advice on gender reassignment can get a referral directly into the Gender Identity Clinic hosted by Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.  However, if you are having psychosexual difficulties and have gender dysphoria or are trans we are happy to see you.

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