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Sapphire Ward

We are an inpatient ward who provide support to those who have mental health problems. 

After you are admitted to the ward you will be introduced to the staff on duty, shown your room, and given a tour so you know where everything is.

You will be seen by a doctor for an assessment of your physical health, and one of the nursing team will perform some physical health checks on you, such as taking you blood pressure and your temperature.

If you have been admitted under the mental health act, as part of this admission pack you will have received a leaflet explaining your rights and any restrictions you may be subjected to. This leaflet is called ‘Your rights under Section 132 of the Mental Health Act’. Our staff will explain what this means, and ensure that you understand it.

18+ We are an acute ward for people in need of inpatient care for their mental health needs.

Sapphire is a 16-bed ward, all bedrooms have en-suite facilities, and although it is mixed sex we provide separate sleeping areas for men and women. There is also a communal lounge so you are able to relax and a seperate sitting room for women.

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