Royal Free Liaison Psychiatry Service

C&I has moved the service we normally offer in emergency departments to our 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service, at St Pancras Hospital. 
The service will see people in need of urgent care so that they do not have to go to a hospital emergency department unless they have an urgent medical need. Emergency departments are under unprecedented pressure due to COVID-19 – the illness caused by coronavirus. 
We are urging people in mental health crisis to telephone our 24/7 crisis line on 020 3317 6333 or contact their usual community mental health team. If service users attend the 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service in person we will see you but we urge you to contact the crisis line in advance for advice to ensure you are only leaving home when absolutely necessary.


We provide high quality psychiatric assessments both in an emergency setting such as the A&E department and in-patient wards within The Royal Free.

In A&E we assess people who are experiencing an acute crisis in their mental health, we are able to refer individuals onto crisis services and refer them for in-patient admission in collaboration with crisis services. We offer advice  to individuals in A&E and advise GPs accordingly.  Whilst in wards we offer psychiatric advice and consultation to patients at the request of your medical team.


Patients attending the Royal Free - A&E and Wards

In A&E you will be seen by a nurse or doctor who will do an initial assessment and will refer you onto our team, a member of our team will assess you with an hour of this. We will talk to you about your background and any current difficulties you are experiencing with your mental health. We will discuss with you which mental health service might be most appropriate and if necessary refer you onto that service. This might include referral to a crisis team, admission to psychiatric hospital or advice given your GP on how best to help you. If you are admitted to a medical ward we will similarly assess your mental health heeds and advise the medical team looking after you on how best to help you

  • A&E referrals seen within 1 hour

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