North Camden Drugs Service (Response)

We aim to deliver focused interventions with clear treatment outcomes to help you combat your drug misuse, improve your mental health and wellbeing, and enable you to achieve recovery.



North Camden residents who have substance misuse problems

We will carry out an assessment of your needs. This involves having a discussion with you to find out the nature of any problems you are facing. We will then jointly decide how best to manage your care. Our aim is to maintain regular contact with you and we are able to be flexible in terms of the time and have evening services. It is important we try to follow an agreed plan and our workers will make every effort to maintain regular contact with you at a time that suits you. You can tell us if you want to change any of the arrangements. In the early stages of treatment you may attend more than once a week, later in treatment this may change to two-weekly or monthly.

  • Short waiting times
  • Experienced staff
  • Respectful of your needs

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