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Netherwood Day Centre

We are a specialist day centre which provides a range of activities in stimulating, social environments for people with dementia. At Netherwood you will always have someone to support you. You will be assigned a key worker who will get to know your needs and ensure we are able to meet these.

Reviews are held six weeks after commencing the service and then at six month intervals. This will give you the opportunity to raise any concerns you have and to suggest any changes that may be beneficial.

There is a monthly carers group for family members and carers. This gives the carers the opportunity to communicate with one another. On occasions we have speakers attend who provide useful advice, tips and information.

18+ People who have dementia and live in their own homes in the community. At the centre we have a large lounge and dining room where you will be able to meet other people and relax. In addition, we have a number of other smaller rooms for activities to help us ensure we are able to provide a stimulating environment. These include an art room, a kitchen where we run baking groups, a roof garden and more. There is also a lovely garden space outside. Everyday we have a range of activites which vary and can include gardening, games, community trips to the royal parks and local museums.
  • Person Centred
  • Good food
  • Friendly staff


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