iCope Psychological Therapies Service - North Camden

At iCope we give you the time to talk. Our team offers evidence-based psychological therapies as recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). We can help you learn ways to help yourself so that you feel more able to cope with your problems.

18 plus People with depression, anxiety or other common mental health problems. You might have a long term condition or medically unexplained symptoms or insomnia.

You can be seen for assessment and treatment in a range of locations, including GP surgeries, community venues, and our team bases. We aim to see the majority of people in their GP surgeries and have staff members at numerous practices. We offer the least invasive and most effective intervention first. This includes guided self help, employment support, exercise on prescription, medication support, books on prescription, psycho-educational groups and workshops (e.g. relaxation, assertiveness, perfectionism, low self-esteem) cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, behavioural couples therapy and more.

  • We work close to people’s homes wherever possible through links with their GP surgery
  • Service user involvement groups which help us improve
  • Quick and easy access to high quality psychological treatments

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