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Highgate Day Centre

The Highgate Day Centre (HDC) is a community based day service for adult residents in Camden which empowers people towards better mental and physical wellbeing.

We offer a range of workshops and activities within a recovery framework for people with substantial mental health needs.

The HDC places an importance on creative learning as a way of promoting mental health and wellbeing as well as activities that support people to improve their physical health, social and living skills. 

The Centre works with members to agree goals and a programme of activities to help make positive changes.

It is suitable for people who are motivated to make changes in their lives and willing to attend and take part in groups.

The service can be accessed by anyone receiving support from a specialist mental health service in the London borough of Camden.

Funding for membership is via LBC personalised budgets however we offer 12 week entry membership for prospective members so they can start immediately.

Be part of a community that is committed to recovery, learning and supporting members to progress.

Have access to a range of activities and workshops.

Have access to a range of resources and skilled facilitators (Music room with live recording facilities and range of instruments, media room with digital music production facilities and photography editing, access to dark room, art room with pottery wheel and kiln, second art room with a range of art materials and tools, thriving garden, fully equipped kitchen and access to computers and Wi-Fi).

Support to engage in educational and leisure activities outside of the centre.

Access to a key worker for emotional and practical support and someone who can liaise with other people in your life to help sustain and improve your well-being.

Membership can last up to 2 years with a half day access as the minimum attendance required 

  • Intense peer support
  • Short waiting time
  • Wide range of facilities and activities





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