Garnet Ward

We are an older peoples' ward and work closely with those with dementia. Our team of health professionals will do an assessment of your needs, before a care plan is formed, and we try to learn your likes and dislikes, from relatvies or friends, if you are not be able to convey these yourself.

Our patients are both long term, whose friends and family are able to prearranged visits with staff, or short term whose visiting hours are Monday - Sunday, 2.00pm - 8.00pm.

65+ We are an older peoples' ward for people with dementia and other challenges.

Garnet is a 14-bed ward, with a lounge and dining area for relaxation. There is also a quiet room for visitors and a meeting room where assessments will take place.

We have an activites co-ordinator and occupational therapist who run various sessions, including music, massage, baking and more. 


  • Person-centred care
  • Carers and relatives can be as involved as they wish with their loved one on the ward
  • Team works closely together to deliver the best care

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