We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Compliments from our service users and partners

Our service users often send in feedback and compliments about our services and individual members of staff. Thank to to everyone who does so. We are keen to get your thoughts on everything that we do. We invite everyone who has experience of our services to fill in our Friends and Family Test, you can find out more and complete the test here.

Please see below some of the positive comments we have received:

I contacted iCope on the recommendation of my GP ... The treatment was difficult but after I completed it, I was no longer haunted by images of what happened, or feelings that I should have done something different so that I wouldn't have ended up in the position I did. As a result I was able to go on and have a wonderful, loving, trusting relationship with an incredible man, and to live with him in a different country...My counsellor and the service as a whole was fantastic. Don't hesitate to contact iCope, they can help. 

Peer Coaching
I been having peer coaching sessions with XX now for some time and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate her and the programme itself. XX has been an important part of me gaining insight and ultimately (at some point hopefully in the near future) control of my depression.
I formed a good bond with XX very early on in the programme she's very easy to talk to, receptive, she doesn't judge, she's always understanding,extremely supportive and her bubby personality and infectious laugh really pick me up when I'm struggling. 
Her past life experiences are so similar to mine it's been a really positive match for me she's very inspiring and is doing a brilliant job managing her own life and leaving such a good imprint on others.
I'm really grateful to have met such a wonderful human being and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her input and positive attitude. Thank you for all the work everyone does on this programme.

Camden Intensive Support Team
Dear Team
I have been a patient with your team for over 15 years.
I have received good care from the previous teams. Currently XX is helping me.
XX is competent, caring, a good listener, sometimes we try to say something simultaneously after a pause. XX then remains silent and gives me the first chance to complete my sentence. She is strict where required such as when I waffle or deviate from the topic!
She is very eloquent, resourceful and prompt in giving me information and other resources. She has a convincing personality as well as is flexible and forthright.
She is confident as well as humble when she is unsure or doesn’t know some information. She then gathers the information and promptly advises and guides me.
I wish your team and XX the very best in future. You all are my little Angels!
I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to your crisis team. Yesterday morning a friend became suddenly and acutely unwell. We called the crisis team and XX was absolutely amazing on the phone. I do not know what she said but she managed to ease my friend’s mental state and allow her to rest. From someone who could not speak and was in acute mental distress, by a few words on the phone, she turned it around  and had a reassuring and calming effect on my friend.
She said the crisis team would visit between 15.00 and 19.00. Two members of the team came at 14.30 - we did even have to feel we were waiting - and they were incredible.  So professional and caring. By the end of their visit my friend had her colour back and was able to eat and drink. 
At any time this level of response would be exemplary. In the middle of a COVID epidemic with all the extra pressures and anxieties it was beyond outstanding. I saw my friend this morning and she looks so much better and was able to go out a walk. She cannot thank you enough. I feel really privileged to have seen the ‘I need help now’ team in action. You really lived up to your name. Keep safe and well.

SAMH Division
I would like to sincerely thank XX who was a nurse on the Garnet ward and feel that his knowledge and expertise is invaluable. Although I was upset with his diagnosis of dad over the phone (COVID limitations), I feel his honest frank conversations were a massive help. I didn’t say it at the time as I hadn’t the headspace, but he is certainly a knowledgeable member of staff and very much on the ball!!     

Islington Memory & Dementia Navigator Service
XX is an outstanding member of your team.  When he visited in person he was very professional indeed.  He spoke to his patient and each family member/carer courteously, adapting his language as appropriate, so everybody understood the situation.  Over the phone XX was no different - he spoke to me at my level, answering all my questions without ever being defensive or patronising.  In my considerable experience this is a very rare quality.  XX is exceptional and I hope that you value him appropriately.
The service us very useful and helpful.  It's very pleasant for a patient to see that there is someone there to understand and to help.  Many times, patients may think or feel abandoned, most without hope or fear of the future, but when they feel and know that there's a passionate professional to help, their problems are automatically removed and healing starts for them.

Islington Crisis Team
I just wanted to provide some positive feedback about the Islington Crisis Team.  Each time we have had to deal with them they have been really responsive and great to work collaboratively with.  This has been extra refreshing during the pandemic where I can imagine they are incredibly busy.
Yesterday I called to refer one of our students.  I think I spoke to XX on the phone.  She was great.  Did not patronise me, took all the information and acted on it.  The team called the student immediately and put her at ease, and then were out later that afternoon.  I honestly can’t speak higher about this service.  I used to be a manager in a HTT in another borough so I have my own expectations - which this team exceeds.

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