We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

When someone gets ill

As a carer, you may recognise when the person you care for is getting ill. When this happens you may need some professional advice or support.

What can be done will depend on whether the person you care for is already known by local mental health services. Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) or Recovery and Rehabilitation teams  can be contacted directly without a referral, though it is preferable to contact a GP first who can advise you about the options available.

All CMHTs and Recovery and Rehabilitation teams have an ‘intake service’ - this means that  the team takes referrals from GPs, social services, housing, police, hospital wards, A & E departments, Crisis Resolution Teams and from individuals directly.

It is important to remember that some health professionals will not accept information from you about the health of the person you care for and they may ask to talk to them alone. This is often the case with GPs and this may be frustrating and difficult. If you need support dealing with this situation contact the Islington Carers Hub on 0800 085 1141, if you live in Islington and the  Camden Carers Service on 020 7428 8950, if you live in Camden.

When you try to contact any of the services listed below, it may depend on where the person you care for is at the time - at home or outside - on the type of support you get. Someone may be able to assess the person you care for over the phone or make a personal visit.

Contact your GP

If you think it is appropriate, you could take the person you care for to see their local GP. GPs can make referrals to a number of mental health services such as the Crisis Resolution Team (CRT), the CMHT, the psychology service, the Early Intervention Service or day hospitals.

Call the Consultant Psychiatrist

If the person you care for already has a Consultant Psychiatrist either you or the person you care for could call them directly.

Other forms of help

General health enquiries
For general health enquiries dial 111 - this has replaced NHS Direct as the single number to call for urgent non-emergency advice. 


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