Support may include such things as information and advice, help to access services and training, or a personal budget

Getting a Carers Assessment in Islington

Accessing a Carers Assessment if you are looking after someone with a mental health, drugs and alcohol or dual diagnosis* problem in Islington

The implementation of the Care Act from April 2015 means that more people caring for individuals with mental health problems may be eligible for support to help them in their caring role. For you to be eligible for support, the person that you are caring for doesn’t have to be currently receiving services themselves.

Support may include such things as information and advice, help to access services and training, or a personal budget.

If the person you are caring for is currently receiving; (or has received in the past 12 months) treatment or a service from one of the following Islington mental health teams provided by Camden and Islington Foundation Trust (C&I), you should approach that team for your carers assessment.

  • Rehabilitation and Recovery Team North (020 3317 6370)
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery Team South (020 3317 4850)
  • Early Intervention Team (020 3317 6590)
  • Assertive Outreach Team (020 3317 6590)
  • Personality Disorders Team (020 3317 6999)
  • Complex Depression, Anxiety and Trauma Team (020 3317 3700)
  • Ageing and Mental Health Community Team (CMHT) (020 7561 4197)

Further contact details for these teams can be found in the service directory

Those caring for someone currently using a Mental Health Crisis Team should contact the Crisis Team in the first instance who will make a referral to the appropriate mental health team for a Carers Assessment or advise the Carer how to submit a Supported Self-Assessment Form (SSAF)

Those caring for someone with a mental health issue or dual diagnosis, not supported by one of the teams above should initially forward a Supported Self-Assessment Form (SSAF) to:

Adult Social Care (ASC) Access and Advice Team
222 Upper Street
London N1 9XH
020 7527 2299 Mincom (020 7527 6475)         

The Access and Advice Team will then contact the carer and discuss whether the cared for person should first be referred to the C&I Assessment and Advice Team at St Pancras Hospital. If this is agreed the Foundation Trust Assessment and Advice Team will also arrange for a Carers Assessment to be undertaken

In all other cases such as where a referral is not appropriate, or the cared for refuses a referral to mental health services, the Access and Advice Team will carry out the Carers Assessment, or support the Carers Self Assessment.

Accessing a Carers Assessment if you are looking after someone with a substance misuse problem in Islington

If the person that you are caring has a substance misuse issue, please contact Islington Substance Misuse services at:-

Islington Specialist Alcohol Treatment Service (0203 317 6650)

You should ask to speak to the Care Management Team. ISATS are able to provide assessments for those who are caring for someone with drug and/or alcohol needs.

Other support available for Carers

The following organisations/workers can assist can assist Islington Carers not linked to any team with completion of the Supported Self-Assessment Form (SSAF)

Dual Diagnosis* Carers

Jill Keegan Mind Dual Diagnosis Carers Worker
Tel:  (0203 301 9850)

Drug & alcohol carers

Lali Gostich
Service Manager
CASA Families, Partners and Friends Service
Tel:       (020 3657 7405)

All other mental health carers not linked to any team

Islington Carers Hub
(0800 085 1141)

*(A combination of both mental health and substance misuse issues)

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