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Service user involvement

C&I  is committed to  involving service users in a meaningful way in the planning, delivery, and organisation of its services. We believe that service users and carers are 'experts by experience'.  It is important to us that the views of service users and carers are valued and acted upon.  It is our wish to create a culture of partnership, participative decision making and collaboration.

We believe that service users should expect:

  • To be treated as  experts about themselves and their own mental health
  • That staff are aware of all the elements of distress and anxiety that can accompany entry or re-entry into services
  • To be asked their opinion
  • To have their views taken into account when decisions about their care are made
  • To be fully informed and involved in the plan that is made for their care

Getting involved

There are many different ways in which you can get involved. Find out more about our Recovery College, Research centre or Service User Forums.

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