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Ruby Ward: Our Women's Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

We are an 11 bed, women-only psychiatric intensive care ward based at The Huntley Centre. Ruby Ward provides emergency intensive care for women in crisis from the following Boroughs: Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey.
On admission to Ruby Ward, staff will orientate you to the ward environment, provide information about the ward and complete a number of assessments of your needs. Over the first 24 hours, a doctor and a member of the nursing team will complete physical, social, psychological assessments and the nurses agree a care plan with you.
Your care on Ruby will be agreed and delivered with a multidisciplinary team comprising medical staff, nursing staff, support workers, mental health assistant practitioners, occupational therapist and an activity coordinator, psychologist, and medical staff. 
The team will prescribe and administer appropriate treatment for your condition and may even suggest a psychologist or occupational therapist works with you too.

Women experiencing a crisis with psychotic disorders, whose risks cannot be contained on a treatment ward and are detained under the Mental Health Act 1883 - as amended in 2007.

Ruby Ward provides intensive emergency care for individuals whose behaviours cannot be managed on a treatment ward. Ruby transfer patients back to treatment and other less restrictive wards as soon as the individuals behaviours can be safely managed in a less restrictive environment.

As such, admissions to Ruby Ward may not be very long and care plans will often be focused on short term goals - directly from an individual’s immediate mental health needs.

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