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"The therapy has made a profound change to my life, more than I expected".

Personality disorder

Personality disorder is a disabling condition which for many people has been long-standing and severely affects their capacity to function in many areas of life. It can affect their relationships, their ability to manage their behaviour, cope with their emotions, and to feel good about themselves.

Our services provide can provide treatments for personality disorder. We do this by working with you to build up a picture of the kind of life you want to build (work, friends, family, recreation), and then a clear idea of the problems that stop you achieving this. We will develop a plan with you that aims to help you to overcome these problems. These plans will have built into them a time scale for how long you will be using the service and, if necessary, arrangements for obtaining further support after your discharge.

What you tell us will remain confidential within the Trust  except when we have good reason to believe that you, or  others, might be at risk of harm, or we are legally obliged  to do so. In such circumstances, we may have to talk with other agencies about our concerns but we will try to let you know if we intend to do this. We will keep an electronic  record of our work with you and we may write to the person who referred you about our work with you. You will always be given a copy of any letters we write concerning your care.


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