Neuro Developmental Disorders (NDD)

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism service (ASD) continues to accept new referrals; however is operating an adjusted service due to Covid-19 restrictions.

ADHD Service 

We are now offering face to face ADHD assessments again for those patients on our waiting list.
Assessments were unfortunately suspended for several months owing to the fact that a key part of the assessment is required to be competed face-to-face. As new protocols in line with Covid-19 guidelines were developed, we have recommenced face to face assessments from August 2020.
Follow up ADHD review appointments via telephone and video platforms will continue remotely, as they have done so throughout the pandemic. This included prescribing medication.
To contact the ADHD  service for queries, referrals or patients in need of urgent medication advice, please email or telephone 0203 317 7356, and someone will get back to you asap.

Autism (ASD) Service

At present, all face-to-face ASD assessments are currently suspended. This is owing to the fact that the ADOS part of the assessment cannot be done with validity using PPE (masks or shields), This tool is in part, an assessment  for communication, social interactions, etc., which are profoundly changed by masks and shields. The ADOS assessment makes up approximately one third of the ASD assessment. 
To mitigate risk of increase in waiting lists, we are able to complete two thirds of the ASD assessments using remote platforms and questionnaires and are monitoring these via a log. As soon as safe to do so, we will then be able to complete the ADOS assessment face-to-face.
To contact the ASD service for queries or referrals, please email or telephone 0203 317 7356, and someone will get back to you asap

Residents in Camden or Islington aged 18 and over, who has symptoms that reasonably warrant an assessment of ASD (for diagnostic assessment); or have a confirmed diagnosis of ASD (for consultation with professionals only).

Referral for assessment
Once your referral has been triaged you will be sent a letter to confirm you have been placed on our waiting list. Once you reach the top of the list, you will be offered an assessment appointment. Your assessment will take up to three hours. Following your assessment, we will invite you back in to receive feedback on the outcome of the assessment. 

Referral for consultation
We will first have a discussion with the professional who referred you to us and advise them. We usually do not see patients for consultation but may review them if after discussion it is felt that a one-off review will be helpful to formulate a plan.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessment using NICE recommended assessment process
  • Multidisciplinary assessment from experience practitioners
  • Reassuring and respectful towards the people who use our services

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