Islington Transitions Meeting

The Islington Transitions Meeting is a fortnightly meeting for professionals that facilitates young people’s transition from agencies working with young people, (including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) into adult mental health services. We also review cases in adult services where there is concern about young people disengaging from services and/or risky behaviours in the context of their mental health needs.
Senior clinicians from CAMHS, adult mental health services and young people’s services in Islington attend the fortnightly meeting to assist referrers in developing a management plan for young people transitioning into adult mental health services. The case discussion meeting for professionals takes place fortnightly on Thursdays, 9.30 – 10.30am on Microsoft Teams and is open to professionals from all agencies.
In addition, the meeting provides access to case consultation from members of the Islington Transitions Team outside of the regular transitions meeting. 

You will receive advice and, where agreed, case discussion along with additional support provided by staff in identified teams.

  • The fortnightly case discussion forum brings together key senior professionals from CAMHS / AMHS to ensure that prompt and effective decision-making for complex cases can take place
  • There is a ‘no bounce’ and ‘no delay’ principle in place ensuring that service user’s needs are effectively assessed, prioritised and managed across agencies. 

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