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"This service has helped me to rebuild my life and supported me through an extremely difficult time and I will be eternally grateful."

Islington Survivors Trauma Service

We provide confidential psychological support for anyone who has been emotionally affected by experiences of abuse in Islington Children’s homes or while under the care of Islington Council between 1960 and 1995.


We have expertise in working with traumatised individuals, in particular with survivors of childhood emotional, sexual or physical abuse and/or neglect. Our service is open to anyone who experienced abuse in children’s homes, boarding schools or care placements (including foster placements) commissioned or provided by Islington council between 1960 and 1995. We are unable to offer a service to those who experienced abuse solely outside of the care system, but please see this leaflet on further support offered by other organisations.

Your first contact will usually be over the phone. We will then invite you to an initial meeting, where we can discuss your individual needs and jointly agree a treatment plan. This can sometimestake several meetings. Each meeting lasts between 1-1.5 hours and usually takes place at our clinic in St Pancras Hospital, if possible. We have also started offering remote video meetings, which do not require you to travel to St Pancras Hospital. See the trust website for further information on video consultations. The outcome of the meeting will determine what happens next. Common next steps include:
  • Trauma informed psychological support and therapy within ISTS. 
  • Supporting you to access appropriate onward support, including to other mental health services or charities.
  • Agreement that no further support is needed now. 
What are the next steps?
If you think this service might be helpful for you or someone you know, or you just want to find out more, you can contact us by phone on 0203 317 6820 or you can email us on ists@candi.nhs.uk
If you call or email, please leave your name and number or how we might contact you. If you would prefer someone else to contact us on your behalf, then this is fine too. For example, your GP, a family member, the Islington Survivor Network or any other professional.  We will aim to call you as soon as we can, within a maximum of two weeks but usually quicker.
Resources for Service Users
We have compiled a range of resources on coping with anxiety and PTSD symptoms, as well as an information leaflet on further support offered by independent organisations for survivors and their carers. Finally, the Traumatic Stress Clinic YouTube channel features further helpful video resources on coping with anxiety and PTSD.
Survivors may also at times struggle with drug and alcohol difficulties. This can interfere with feeling able to access appointments regularly or benefit fully from therapy. If you feel you need support with your substance use, please see below:
Non-Recent Child Abuse Proposed Support Payment Scheme
Islington Council recently undertook a consultation on a Non-Recent Child Abuse Proposed Support Payment Scheme for survivors of abuse suffered while placed by the council in one of its children's homes from 1966-1995. The consultation period has now ended and the following was approved at Islington Council’s Executive Meeting on 14th October: Islington Council will create Non-Recent Child Abuse Support Payment Scheme for survivors of abuse in children’s homes
If you have any queries regarding the scheme, please email SPS.Consultation@islington.gov.uk.

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