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The Recovery College registration form

4 St Pancras Way
(Corner of Granary Street)
London NW1 0PE

020 3317 6904

email: recovery.college@candi.nhs.uk

Download Student charter and code of conduct


The Recovery College runs courses open to residents of Islington and Camden, as well as anyone with a professional, family or carer connection with either borough.

Emergency contact details


Tell us which course(s) you would like to attend, including the start date.  Please note enrolment is limited to a maximum of three courses per term.


Tell us about your disabilities, if any:

Do you need extra help with your learning?

Setting your learning goals

You can set your learning goals and objectives with an Individual Learning Plan – an ILP. We can arrange for an ILP Meeting between you and a trained ILP expert at the Recovery College before you begin your course/s. You will discuss your additional learning support needs and set realistic and achievable learning goals and objectives. You will then have an ILP Review Meeting at the end of the term to review your learning progress.

The Recovery College Library

We have an in-house reference library. Please visit us if you would like to register as a Member of the library. Please bring with you a photo ID and any document that can serve as proof of your address.

Please tell us who you are

Ethnicity and diversity information

Age group


How did you hear about The Recovery College?

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Student declaration

The Recovery College Student Code of Conduct

We want to ensure that every student of the College has a positive, enriching experience of the courses they take part in. In our courses, no one is expected to mention anything about their personal or professional life, their history or their physical/mental health challenges; however if anyone does share anything, we ask you to treat what is discussed with complete confidentiality. Students should:

  • behave in a responsible manner designed to foster mutual respect and understanding between all members of the Recovery College community.respect the rights, life choices, beliefs and opinions of others (do not discriminate against others with regard to race, gender, sexuality or other characteristics)
  • use the library and internet in a responsible manner
  • behave in a manner appropriate to the learning environment that is non-threatening and non-disruptive, and is unlikely to lead to physical or emotional harm toward students or staff whilst attending courses
  • refrain from the use of alcohol or street drugs whilst attending courses/sessions
  • agree and adhere to the group contract for the course/s you are attending. 

All of us have a responsibility to ensure that this code is respected and adhered to including tutors. If you have breached this Code of Conduct, we will discuss this with you and try and find a way forward. Serious breaches may result in being dismissed from the course/session. Please approach a member of the Recovery College staff if you have any concerns. 

I agree the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to The Recovery College Student Code of Conduct and understand that violence and abuse towards other students and staff will not be tolerated. I understand the information provided in this form will be treated as confidential; however, it is used for statistical data purposes for The Recovery College.

The Recovery College is open Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 16:00

We are closed for lunch 13:00 – 13:30

Please note: We operate on a first come, first served basis for enrolments. You will need to reapply if the course you request is full as we do not carry over waiting lists to new terms. If you are unable to attend a course and do not inform us, your place will be offered to people on the waiting list.

Data protection

The information you have provided will be used to help us achieve your aims and goals whilst enrolled at The Recovery College. All records are treated in strict confidence, kept in a secure environment and only accessed by appropriate staff. We do not share this information with any other individuals or organisations not involved in The Recovery College. You may request any information that we hold on you at any time.

Contacting you about our services

We would like to contact you twelve (12) weeks after the last course you attend this term to find out how our courses have contributed to your recovery journey.

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