Camden Work and Wellbeing by Hillside Clubhouse in partnership with C&I

Camden Work and Wellbeing works to the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model. and offers employment support to service users in Camden.

Employment Specialists work within our Camden community teams to help service users who are unemployed to find work.

The following services can now offer employment support to service users in Camden:

Anyone of working age can get support to access and succeed in employment, which is provided by the employment advisors in the community teams, and as part of the care plan.

Anyone of working age with a mental health problem in Camden who wants support to access and succeed in employment.

Our Employment Specialists provide tailored, individual support to help the person to think about the type of work they want to do, how much they need to earn and what support they need to succeed in the job they get. They help them with their CV, application forms and to prepare for job interviews. Support is provided to sustain work once people start in work. The service also has a specialist job retention worker.

The employment specialists are trained to listen carefully to people’s job preferences, and to carry out all phases of the employment service. They also work closely with local employers and with Jobcentreplus to develop employment opportunities for people.

Individual Placement and Support
The approach being followed is called Individual Placement and Support, which is twice as successful in getting people into work as other approaches. Being in paid work is an important aspect of recovery for many people with mental health problems, and yields benefits people’s health directly, as well as providing structure, meaning, status and income.

Work and Wellbeing Camden

This service is delivered by Hillside Clubhouse in partnership with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

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