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The Camden Parents’ Wellbeing Service

We provide psychological therapy to parents who are resident in Camden. The aim of our interventions is to improve the mental health of parents, with the intention of this having a positive impact on the care and mental health of their children. Our work may involve individual therapy, and couple and family work, where appropriate. We are a team of six clinical and counselling psychologists based in existing child, adolescent and adult mental health services in Camden in both the NHS and Camden Council contexts. All referrals can be made directly to the services where the teams are located, who will then forward the referrals to the relevant clinician. Parents in Camden. Once you have been referred to a psychologist, you will be assessed and offered psychological treatment. You are welcome to bring anyone along to the session whom you may feel helpful to you, e.g. partner, friend, mental health professional. The treatment models include: systemic, narrative and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approaches. Initially you will be seen for six treatment sessions, which will then be reviewed. If you require further treatment you will be offered further sessions in six session packages. The goals of the intervention will be agreed between you and the clinician and the intervention will be targeted at achieving this goal.

• High service user satisfaction rates
• Short waiting-list and respond timeously to referrals
• We have a systemic approach in that we address and keep in mind all the key aspects in the service users system and wider network, including family members and professionals who may be involved

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