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“We undertake initial assessments to determine what you need and the most appropriate service to meet that need.“

Assessment services

We undertake initial assessments to determine what a person needs and the most appropriate service to meet that need.  We can provide information, advice, educational support and consultation to other professionals and agencies on the management of mental illness. 

Assessment may involve a discussion with one or more members of  a team, including other professional workers or agencies. It may take place in one meeting or may take more than one. Anyone attending an assessment is welcome to bring someone along to the session for support

What happens after an assessment? 

After an assessment a person may be offered:

  •  Diagnosis, information and advice about your mental health condition
  •  A range of medication options
  •  A referral to psychological therapies
  •  Support in remaining in or getting back into employment or education
  •  Help to access community activities
  •  Practical assistance to live at home
  •  Support services for families and carers
  •  Help with housing, welfare rights, legal advice, local voluntary sector organisations and advocacy services.

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