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Being sectioned

The Mental Health Act is the law which sets out when you can be admitted, detained and treated in hospital against your wishes. It is also known as being ‘sectioned’. For this to happen, certain people must agree that you have a mental disorder that requires a stay in hospital. There you will have an assessment and be given treatment if needed.

Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act is the law governing the compulsory treatment of certain people who have a mental disorder. It is the main piece of legislation that covers the assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental health disorder.

The Mental Health Act defines the term ’mental disorder’ as ‘any disorder or disability of mind'. It includes mental health conditions such as

Shared stories

Carers have said that listening and talking to people who have had similar experiences can be really helpful. We would like to hear about your experiences as a relative or carer of someone with mental health difficulties.

When someone gets ill

As a carer, you may recognise when the person you care for is getting ill. When this happens you may need some professional advice or support.

What can be done will depend on whether the person you care for is already known by local mental health services. Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) or Recovery and Rehabilitation teams  can be contacted directly without a referral, though it is preferable to contact a GP first who can advise you about the options available.

Education and employment

Mental ill-health often leads to a loss of confidence, making it difficult for people to access employment or learning or retain their jobs. We recognise that getting back into education or employment is an important part of many people's recovery and we work with you to help you achieve your goals.


Carers play an important role in supporting people who use our services. Carers provide both emotional and practical support which can help others to live a more rewarding and independent life. If you provide help or support for a relative, friend of partner who has mental health problems then you are a carer.  C&I is committed in making sure that as a carer:

  • Your views are heard
  • You get the support that you need
  • You get all the necessary information that you may need

Learning disability

We understand that people with learning disabilities may need special help and support.

We want to make sure that people with learning disabilities find it easy to use our mental health services.

We work with the Council to make sure that we are working together in the best way for people with learning disabilities.


Traumatic services

Our Traumatic Stress Clinic and the London Veteran Service work closely with those who have experienced trauma.

If you’ve had a traumatic experience, you might find yourself struggling with heightened emotions, alarming memories or a sense of danger. Or, you may isolate yourself from other people and find you are unable to trust those around you.

We work together to help you resolve those feelings or the difficult memories to prevent them from returning and continuing to  cause distress. 

Sexual problems

We work with people who have sexual difficulties due to both psychological and medical causes. We recognise that sexual problems can cause great anxiety and isolation and can lead to withdrawing from the richness of human interaction and aim to help those who require support.


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