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Governor Working Groups

In partnership with our Council of Governors, C&I has established four Governor Working Groups to help enable Governors to represent the interests of members and the wider community in areas of key importance to the trust.


Membership is one of the main ways for service users, staff and members of the public to get involved with the Trust and have their say on how we run our services. 

Assertive Outreach Service

The Assertive Outreach Service is for people over 18 with mental health problems who in the past may have experienced difficulty in working with other teams or services or who have

Medicine for members: Caring for carers

Join us on Monday 23 February to hear from Chloe Wright, Carers UK and Dr Juanita Hoe, Division of Psychiatry at UCL, about the issues facing carers.

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The right to appeal

When people are admitted to hospital under a section they can appeal. Appeals tribunals take place in an informal setting within the hospital. The appeal panel consists of a lawyer, a doctor and a lay person. Professionals who supervise the care of the person you care for prepare reports to include the family’s point of view. The ‘nearest relative’ may attend the tribunal and make a contribution, other relatives or friends may also attend as appropriate. The person you care for may be represented by a lawyer.

Being sectioned

The Mental Health Act is the law which sets out when you can be admitted, detained and treated in hospital against your wishes. It is also known as being ‘sectioned’. For this to happen, certain people must agree that you have a mental disorder that requires a stay in hospital. There you will have an assessment and be given treatment if needed.


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