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Our researchers

Dr Elvira Bramon

Dr Elvira Bramon  is a Clinical Reader and Honorary Consultant in Psychiatry at UCL’s Division of Psychiatry and UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Published evidence

The trust contributes to the publication of several hundred publications of evidence each year. By working closely with academics from the Faculty of Brain science at UCL we are able to deliver world class research in the field of mental health.

Please see below a list of research results published by our researchers in 2014:

Angela Hassiotis

Service users

Why take part in our research?

Health research is beneficial to everyone whether you are perfectly well, or have been ill for a long time.  It helps doctors discover what causes ill-health as well as developing new medicines and healthcare.  Research also helps us improve our health services  so that you can be assured of the most advanced and best quality care.  The C&I research database provides direct clinical benefits to patients, because it enables better clinical audit and NHS service development and evaluation.

Researchers and clinicians

C&I uses software that takes electronic clinical records and automatically feeds them into a research database.  The “inputs" include structured data, such as tabulated Patient Health Questionnaire-9 scores, and free-text data, such as progress notes and letters.  As the data are sent to the research database, they are rendered anonymous, using a linked-anonymised (pseudonymised) method.

C&I research database

Our research database supports population based research in psychiatry/mental health within the Trust and its partner research organisation (University College London).  The database provides direct clinical benefit to patients because it enables better clinical audit and NHS service development.

Support for researchers

Any research we conduct which involves our patients, staff and/or facilities must have formal approval from C&I's Research & Development (R&D) department before it can go ahead.


Clinical research is an important part of what we do at C&I. And the reason it’s important is because it enables us to provide our service users with the latest, most innovative techniques available to aid recovery.

If you use our services you will find that our treatments are among the best in the country and are sometimes at the forefront of international thinking and development. To help us ensure we are leading the field we collaborate with other organisations that are also active in research, expanding our knowledge in psychiatry, psychology and nursing.

Service users

The Foundation Trust is committed to the principle of involving service users in a meaningful way in the planning, delivery and organisation of its services. We believe that service users and carers are 'experts by experience'. It is important to us that the views of service users and carers are valued and acted upon.


If you are interested in volunteering with us at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) we’d love to hear from you!
We are continually working with our services to identify new volunteer role opportunities to complement the work of our paid staff and enhance the service and experience provided to our patients/service users and their carers.

Volunteering is a great way to:

Contribute or give something back to your local community; develop your skills or experience; use your existing skills or experience to help others; meet new peop


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