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Islington and Haringey IPS Employment Trial

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust are testing a new kind of employment support for people with a disability and/ or long-term health condition who would like to get back into work.  
It is known that disabled people and those who have a health condition often face long-term barriers to employment and in finding a job. They need tailored or additional support to enter the workplace, which is what this trial will offer. 
Individual placement and support (IPS) employment services have been very successful for people with mental health conditions. This research will test how well it works for people with any type of long term health condition and/ or disability, including both physical and mental health.
This will enable the NHS to measure how effective IPS could be, by comparing outcomes for people who receive IPS employment support with those who do not. This information will help the borough to develop more effective employment support services and to make sure they are accessible and inclusive to anyone who wants to benefit from them.
You can find out more about IPS employment support by visiting the Centre for Mental Health website here.

The IPS employment trial is open to any unemployed person registered with an Islington or Haringey GP, aged 18+ with a long term health condition and/ or disability. Participants should not be receiving any other type of employment support at the point that they access this service. 

Once you agree to take part in the research, you will get an appointment with an employment specialist in a local GP surgery or community clinic. They will help you complete a short survey to gather information about your age, ethnicity, employment status and your general health and wellbeing.
The employment specialist will explain the research to you in detail and answer any further questions you have about taking part. With your consent, your details will be entered onto a computer which will then randomly allocate you into one of the two research groups. One group will receive the IPS employment service, while the other will receive information about other employment services already available in the Islington for you to access if you wish.
Researchers will then follow the progress of every participant in both groups. They will give you a call after 13, 26 and 52 weeks to find out how you are getting on.
The scheme is entirely voluntary. You can opt out at any time and have absolutely no obligation to continue. Nobody will be made to seek employment support if they do not want to. 

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