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The Shapes and Lines of Beauty

Beauty and the Beast

Ten artists explore ‘beauty’ in a group show curated by Peter Herbert and The Arts Project.


The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way, London, NW1 0PE


Monday 7 November 2016 to Thursday 19 January 2017 

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
A stunning new art exhibition on the theme of Beauty and the Beast will have its opening night and preview show at St Pancras Hospital on Friday 4 November at 6pm.
Service users are among the ten artists whose work will be displayed in “The Shapes and Lines of Beauty”, including striking images by a former soldier who received treatment at the Trust for post-traumatic stress disorder. 
Shaun Cole’s work evokes the colours of the Middle East, where he served as a soldier and he credits his works’ striking use of repetitive dots, reminiscent of aboriginal art, with helping him to “bring order” to his experience of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).
The aim of this latest exhibition in St Pancras Hospital is to encourage people to consider the nature of so-called ‘beauty’ and to question pleasing appearances.
Arts Project curator, Peter Herbert, who will be displaying two of his own pieces of work, said: “This is an exhibition bursting with warmth, vigour and imagination. “Ten artists have produced work celebrating ideas of beauty and covering a broad spectrum. This is a fascinating concept and one that is well worth exploring further”.
At C&I, the profile and use of art, particularly in therapy, is a crucial part of the services offered at the Trust and its use incorporates many of the Trust’s pledges contained in its new Clinical Strategy.*

Notes to Editors

Please see below for further details of the artists and artwork on display.
SYBIL ADELAJA expresses the face and body as conduits to the inner soul though obsessive line drawing scribbles, which convey real power and forceful imagination.
CHRIS BIRD's images which use rapidograph pens to create black lines on white with red colours have been published in THE BIG ISSUE and exhibited over the years. The result is a growing body of work responding to the beautiful and confusing energy of life in the big city. Within complex patterns the artist is drawn to faces in the crowd through which he emphasises marginalised people who inhabit the daily life of our city.
EDWARD BLAKE produces work inspired by a background studying architecture. These composite creations revel in layers of frames within frames, stained glass inserts decorated with flowers, foliage and texts of a personal nature.
RUBY BRADLEY is a self taught artist who contrasts traditional and delicate still life paintings of vases/bowls of flowers with new work, which develop into more abstract impressions of line and colour.
SHAUN COLE is a former soldier who was one of the war artists featured in our earlier ‘THE WAY AHEAD’ exhibition. Here, the artist returns with a wider range of work that evokes the colours of the Middle East, where he served as a soldier. His striking use of repetitive dots, recalls aboriginal art. This is artwork that helps to bring order to the artist's experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is currently studying for a Fine Arts degree at Ipswich University in Sussex.
MANEL GUELL is a painter who evokes the spiritual genesis of an often troubled Spanish social and artistic history. His delicate work using lines and shapes is rich with references to the surreal abstractions of Spanish artists including Goya and Luis Bunuel.
RICHARD KABY had open heart surgery after suffering a heart attack in 2014. His change in lifestyle while recovering resulted in a new awareness of the minutiae of everyday life and he was challenged to take one photo a day pasted onto Face Book in a project i flower. Using a phone camera as his eye ,the photographer discovers the nature of beauty in flowers, both as they blossom and die, depicting the fragility inherent within the cycle of our lives. Using extreme close-ups, these are photographs by an artist with an eye for the beauty around us, which most of us barely ever see.
KATHY KEEFE creates hats and head wear inspired by a love of millinery artistes of earlier decades including Treacy, Dache and Schiaparelli. For her display, the artist has created a boudoir, set against beautiful backdrops of delicately embroidered transparent lace.
ALBAN LOW has a growing collection of portraits, constructed in lines with splashes of colour to bring out the warmth and passion of musicians. These are drawn ‘live’ by the artist during his visits to the jazz cafes of London. For this exhibition, the artist is also presenting portraits of eight musicians who work with the innovatory programme Key Changes. They will perform a live set on the opening night, curated by manager Peter Leigh.
GEORGIA MATHEWS returns to the gallery for her 6th exhibition showcasing creative embellished jewellery. With this display she specialises in harmony between line, pattern and shape taking influence   and inspiration from nature, colour and materials of the earth. 
The exhibition includes two installations by PETER HERBERT. One is a fantasia of a carousel horse leaping through rainbow coloured hoops and a second installation involves a log lady made from the trunk of a cherry tree.

Further information

The exhibition preview on Friday 4/11/16 includes a photography visual presentation by Richard Kaby, as a visual backdrop to a live music set of jazz, blues and soul from Key Changes, a charity that provides music engagement and recovery services in hospitals and the community for people experiencing mental health problems. The exhibition at St Pancras Conference Centre, features artwork both from self taught and professional artists. Selected work will be for sale with 20% donation made to The North London NHS Charitable Fund.
THE SHAPES AND LINES OF BEAUTY is the autumn exhibition in a Four Season’s programme of exhibitions curated by The Arts Project at St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre Gallery Space.


Bus – 46 and 214. Tube – Mornington Crescent Station and King’s Cross Station. Overground - Camden Road Station

Contact details

C&I communications team: 020 3317 7236
The Arts Project Gallery and Sales: Curator Manager Peter Herbert: 020 7916 8416 
Operations Manager: Elaine Harper-Gay theartsproject1@gmail.com
* Our Clinical Strategy
At the heart of everything we do are the guiding principles contained in our new Clinical Strategy launched in March 2016.  The ethos behind the Piecing it Together exhibition reflects the following pledges from the Clinical Strategy:
  • we will co-produce with our service users and carers their treatment and support
  • we will work in a recovery-orientated way
  • we will improve access to our services for everyone regardless of  gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics
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