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Men and Masculinity course

The Recovery College still has spaces available on the Men and Masculinity course. 

This is a four week course running over the following dates from 1.30-4pm:

  • Wednesday 30 November 
  • Wednesday 7 December 
  • Wednesday 14 December 
  • Wednesday 21 December 

About this course

Being a man has its advantages, but can also come with many challenges. Society often asks men to be strong, healthy, independent, not emotional, muscle-bound - and great in bed too! This is unrealistic, and for many men it can be a real challenge. It is possible to be a man without having to live up to all those expectations. For example, some men live up to the adjectives we aspire to ("good", "strong" etc) and are also able to cry and show emotion. This course offers a space to understand what your masculinity means to you. We won’t look at any one version of being a man as we are all different, and each have to find our own way. But we will explore different models for being a man, and work towards building our own positive and healthy ones.     

Please note: that this course is only open to men (including anyone who identifies as a man), as we feel this is an important first step in exploring men’s issues. We encourage students to take this learning out of the course into their relationships with men and women.


If you would like to attend this course please enrol online here.

For more information 

Tel: 020 3317 6904

These are FREE tasters and there is no need to book - just drop in!

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