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Camden and Islington Personality Disorder Service

Structured clinical management and care coordination for service users with a diagnosis of personality disorder is offered by the PD community team - this involves working in a structured way towards the service user's goals to improve daily functioning and supporting the service user with their social care needs in a way that is consistent with the Care Programme Approach (CPA). Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT) and Schema Therapy (ST) for service users with a diagnosis of personality disorder are offered by the Specialist Therapies team – these are all evidence based approaches for the treatment of personality disorder that focus on different areas, DBT mainly focuses on the reducing impulsive and self-destructive behaviours, MBT focuses on improving the capacity to understand one’s mind and the mind of others in the service of improving relationships and ST focuses on changing unhelpful blueprints that develop during early life and have an impact on a person’s sense of self and relationships. Service users are offered these different interventions depending on a best fit between the individual’s difficulties and the aims of the therapeutic approach as well as service user preference and engagement with previous therapies. 18-65 Service users who have difficulties in daily functioning, emotional instability and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Service users need to meet the diagnostic criteria for a personality disorder. Service users will be offered an initial assessment by either the community PD team or the specialist therapies team. This assessment will consider their current circumstances and review their mental health and social care needs and assist with the development of a psychological formulation of their difficulties and the development of a treatment plan. Service users will be offered different interventions such as structured clinical management, care coordination and NICE guideline recommended psychological interventions such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mentalisation Based Treatment and Schema Therapy.

Service user needs are at the heart of practice Range of effective and evidence based interventions for people whose difficulties can be characterised as personality disorder Service user involvement is embedded throughout the service through an innovative partnership with Emergence, a service user led organisation.

A number of our C&I trainee doctors have made the below video to help you learn more about personality disorders:



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