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About PICT

Why we exist

We want practitioners in support services to help individuals with complex mental health and challenging behaviours (including personality disorder) have a positive and meaningful life

What we do

We add value to the ability of a service to achieve their objectives.

How we do it

PICT provides staff consultation and training to support service practitioners to be informed about

  • what to do - having a plan
  • why do it in this way - a planned approach based on a psychological understanding of the individual
  •  how to do it - providing the practical knowledge and skills to translate this into practice.

Joint working and liaison with other mental health and social care services may be provided to strengthen the care management approach.

We also learn from the recipient service about what they do and we take back to the C&I NHS Foundation Trust liaison contacts and ideas for improved cross-agency working.


Vacant post, pending appointment (PICT service lead)
Dr Winifred Bolton is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and the strategic development consultant for the PICT service. Dr Bolton was previously the Head of Personality Disorder Services and now provides a key role in the strategic planning of the PICT service.
Rowena Russell is our assistant psychologist. She works on the evaluation of the service.

Parental Mental Health (Islington)

Dr Michelle Tolfrey (PMH team lead - Specialist Multi-Agency Outreach Service)
Dr Fiona Ram (Families First - Highbury & Hornsey Team; Holloway & Canonbury Team)
Post filled, pending arrival (Families First - Barnsbury & Finsbury Team; Children in Need Service)

Primary Care & Crisis Pathway Support

Dr Olivia Southwell (Islington South) – (expected back in 2016)
Dr Farha Choudhary (Islington North)
Dr Amandip Bahia (Camden)

18-24 Gangs & Serious Youth Violence Transitions Service (Islington)

Post filled, pending arrival


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