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13 August 2015

Many individuals work tirelessly to promote healthcare IT in different ways: through individual practice; the education system; in professional organisations and the healthcare system itself.The Healthcare IT champion of the year award is an opportunity to recognise the achievements of an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the past year.

The voting is now open to find this year's Healthcare IT Champion of the Year. Join us in voting for Claire Johnston our Director of Nursing and People at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Claire is an inspiring champion for technology that delivers transformational benefits for patients and staff. As Director of Nursing and People she advocates strategic IT changes that reflect people's need in the front line of care.  Claire has an impressive track record of promoting IT change including  the use of Docman and projects to develop IT systems which help trusts to talk to each other. As an active member of the trust's electronic patients record (EPR) steering committee, she is a driving force behind the introduction of the trust's new interactive EPR system. She was instrumental in our successful bid to secure funding from the Nursing Technology Fund to buy i-Pads for our staff.

Despite her seniority, and her many demanding responsibilities, Claire is above all a nurse at heart. Her enthusiasm for transformational IT change has one driving inspiration: her desire to bring the very best services to patients. Her enthusiasm is contagious and energising and makes her credible to all levels of professionals in the trust. She advocates a holistic cross-organisational programme of mentoring and support which gives everyone the skills and confidence to move forward together.

Three reasons we're supporting Claire

1. Claire works to provide the best tools possible for the Trust’s teams, helping them to help the public more effectively and therefore deliver better quality services.

2. Claire’s focus is improving the quality of care available to all Camden and Islington service users and their carers.

3. Claire is an advocate of continuous service improvement, Claire and her colleagues have successfully found the money to buy 300 iPads for our frontline staff (£750K). This will make mobile working a lot easier and more effective for Trust staff, which in turn further helps improve care for service users in the community.

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Voting closes Friday 11 September 2015 at 16.00 hrs.

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