Trust doctor elected to prestigious international Society

Congratulations to Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Mohamed Abdelghani, who has become the first British psychiatrist to be elected as a director of the Clinical TMS Society.
This is a highly prestigious organisation which represents hospitals and clinics across the world which offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy to patients.
TMS, which Dr Abdelghani set up at the Trust, is a treatment which helps individuals with drug-resistant depression. The device uses a pulsating magnetic field to target specific sites in the brain, stimulating nerve cells in those areas, thereby easing symptoms of depression.
The Clinical TMS Society aims to optimise clinical practice, awareness and accessibility of TMS therapy across the world.
Dr Abdelghani will join a team of 24 directors whose work across different areas will support the running of the society responsibilities.
Dr Abdelghani said: “My aim as a Director will be to ensure the best clinical use of TMS, as well as increase access and training for clinicians.  I also want to promote more awareness of TMS among the general public and how it can benefit different patient groups. I am confident this will also help publicise the fantastic work we are doing with TMS at the Trust.
“My election reflects the hard work and dedication of the whole TMS team here and they should be really proud.”
Our Trust is the first NHS Trust in London to offer TMS therapy, thanks to the hard work of Dr Abdelghani and his team.

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