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Treating mental and physical health together

01 August 2017

With schizoaffective disorder, type 2 diabetes and a number of other conditions, Ayo, a C&I service user, is being treated by the Trust for both his mental and physical health issues.

Having previously been sectioned, Ayo's mental health is now under control and he is working with Trust colleagues including Susan Cummins, Community Physical Health Matron, to improve his physical health.

With the Trust prioritising closer working with local health partners, Ayo is able to receive all the care he needs in a much more coordinated approach.

Ayo explains: "It has given me peace of mind to know that there are people in the Trust who are quite happy to work with me on my physical health."

Hear more from Ayo here, as he tell us all about his health conditions and what the Trust is doing to support him in making necessary changes to his lifestyle:











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