Tips for wellbeing from one of our Governors

Our Deputy Lead Governor Elect and Public Governor for Islington, Olga Cecilia Farach, shares her tips for boosting wellbeing to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, 10 - 16 May 2021.

The theme of the week this year is Nature and we are being encouraged to appreciate the natural world. During the pandemic, many have experienced mental health concerns, while others may be dealing with anxiety or grief in relation to their loved ones. Here are 10 tips that could help improve mental health wellness:

  • Social interaction with others (respecting Covid-19 guidelines) can help to build good relationships and a sense of understanding
  • Appreciating the natural environment may provide a sense of purification
  • Good nutrition can help to increase energy, as well as boosting general physical and mental strength
  • Developing natural compassion towards self, self-acceptance, and resilience may increase happiness
  • Outdoor physical activities and engaging in regular physical exercise is likely to reduce depression, anxiety, and a wide-range of health difficulties 
  • Awareness of the natural surroundings may help to clear the mind and help us make good decisions
  • Reflection and mindfulness contemplating  landscapes can increase a positive mental health, elevating an optimistic state of mind
  • Fresh air may protect the immune system, and can aid sleep patterns
  • Learning something new, out in fresh air, can stimulate the brain 
  • Altruistically giving and caring for the environment can promote goodwill and kindness.

Committing to these natural paths, could help to build optimism and holistic wellbeing.

Please try to look after yourselves and be mindful about your wellbeing.





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