THREE: Landscapes of the Mind and Earth art exhibition

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THREE brings together three professional artists and a central theme exploring contrasts and connections, with reference to the past configuring the work of each artist. The exhibition offers perceptive views into ways in which each artists respond to the world. It contemplates our external and internal relationships with life and how we hold onto things and the moments we love most before they disappear.

Our three artists

Victoria Cantons utilises a studio based routine with writing, photography and drawing as the basis for oil paintings which explore personal psychological landscapes in a multi layered and unconventional life.

Steve Edwards' lino prints are the result of repeated visits to ruined abbeys in Northern England through which he contemplates humanity and our fragile and delicate relationships with the past. 

Steve Edwards

Amanda Taylor is drawn to her native Hampshire and Sussex, which are the inspiration for printing techniques that create (often remembered) impressions of landscape,plant and animal life as well as natures abstract formations. 

Amanda Taylor


The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PE

Opening night and preview

Friday 5 May, 5.30 - 8.30pm with live music from Tom Lynch. 


Monday 8 May to Thursday 6 May, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.


Bus – 46 and 214. Tube – Mornington Crescent Station and King’s Cross Station. Overground - Camden Road Station
Notes to editors
  1. The exhibition preview on Friday 5 May includes a live set of music by Tom Lynch who mixes an eclectic set of jazz, folk and Irish tunes on a variety of musical instruments. The exhibition at St Pancras Conference Centre, features artwork both from self taught and professional artists. Selected work is for sale with a 20% donation made to The North London NHS Charitable Fund.
  2. THREE is the spring exhibition in a Four Season’s programme of exhibitions curated by The Arts Project at St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre Gallery Space.
  3. Amanda Taylor works as an Occupational Therapist for the Camden and North West London Trust. Both Amanda Taylor and Steve Edwards are members of ELP East London Printmakers. Victoria Cantons is currently on a BA (HON) course in Fine Art at the Wimbledon College of Arts. All three artists have extensively exhibited in galleries in London and Europe.
  4. The exhibition is an event during London's Creative and Well Being week on Thursday 13 June, from 6 - 7.30pm. Meet the artists and enjoy talks on the arts of printmaking and the value of art in various forms of therapy.

Contact details

The Arts Project is supported by The North London NHS Charitable Fund Registered number 1053769.

The Arts Project     Four Seasons Exhibition

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