Star of the Year Awards 2020 - longlist announced

Nominations are now closed for our Star of the Year Awards 2020, and we are delighted to share the names of the individuals and teams who have been nominated for an award this year.
Our judging panel, which is made up of staff, service users and a Non-Executive Director, will be meeting in mid-October to decide the shortlist in each category. Once the shortlist has been decided, we will communicate this to all staff and we will be in touch with the shortlisted individuals and teams directly via email. The winners will then be announced at the virtual award ceremony on Thursday 19 November, 4.30pm-6pm.
Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Award – staff award 
  • Danielle Francis
  • Kelly Lewis
  • Sophia Gordon
  • Jesse Masih
  • Alex Turner
  • Sophie Stout
  •  Alhaji Mansaray
  • The Islington Race Reflective Group Facilitators - Sophia Gordon, Jesse Masih, Danielle Francis, Alex Turner and Corinne Gurvitz
  • Corinne Gurvitz
  • Omara Baig
  • Sonji Mitchell
Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Award - service users/carers/community award
  • Bee Ororo and Julie Harrington – C&I Choir
  • Bev (Side by Side Network)
Community Partner Award
  • French Connection UK
  • Camden Resilience Network lead voluntary sector organisations - Mind in Camden & Likewise
  • Catherine Tindam and Ben Ledden of Green City Projects (GCP)
Cultural Pillars Implementation Award
  • Gail Carter
  • Lena Sardison
  • Trust Secretary Team (Christian Oribio, Martin Zielinski and Mohit Abbi)
  • Miriam Williams
  • Kelly Lewis
  • Stephen Lee
  • Emil Berleen
  • Paulette Brown
Digital Innovation of the Year
  • iCope Camden and Islington
  • Dr Julia Gillard
Frontline Service Award
  • Sapphire Ward - staff who worked on Sapphire ward in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Dean Mullings
  • David Withall
  • The Clozapine Clinic, HMHC
  • Place of Safety Team
  • Kathy Breidenbach
  • Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service (MHCAS)
  • Daniele Santos
  • Dunkley Ward 
  • Olivia Hull
  • Thomas Parnell
  • Clinical Administrators team (led by Angie Robinson)
  • The Margarete Centre Covid-19 Protect Britannia Outreach Team
  • Macriss Olubiyi
  • Abass Bundu
  • Kelly Lewis
  • Choice and Control Peer Coaching Team
  • Thomas Harrison
  • Islington Assertive Outreach Team (IAOT)
  • Alice Garrett
  • Glean Adebiyi
Leader of the Year – keeping teams connected
  • Martin Mulligan
  • Ann Jumawan
  • Ash Wright
  • Dr Pitman and Dr Ginn
  • Dr Julia Gillard
  • Dr Jo O’Reilly
  • Janice Dunn
  • Dr Thomas Hillen
  • Ian Fishwick
  • Dave Raghoonundun
  • Leon Honeysett
  • Shilpa Nairi
  • Alan Bartlett
  • Dr Janet Obeney-Williams
  • Jacqueline Fabian
  • Ayla Dagdeviren
  • Adele McKay
  • Sally Saines
  • Katherina Kapadohou
  • Cerdic Hall
  • Rebecca Hardman
  • Patrick Mukambachaza
  • Alice Langley
Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr Catherine King
  • June Spring
  • Dr Janet Obeney-Williams
  • Chris Manby
  • Vijayamala Supramaniam
  • Nigel Carson
  • Maria McKenna
Linda Polan Trophy – Service User Award
  • Neil Davies
  • Olga Christian
Quality Improvement:  Project of the Year resulting in a Service Improvement
  • The Clozapine Clinic, HMHC
  • Janice Dunn, Community Matron - Islington Clozapine Clinic, IPU
  • Crisis Single Point of Access QI Project 
Staff Recognition by a Service User Award 
  • Dr Sue Ferrier
  • Joanne Scott
  • Lucy Adamczyk
  • Lillian Irish
  • Anderson Abiodun
  • Andrea Costi
  • Dr Katherina Kapadohou
  • Leon Honeysett
  • Amber Ward
  • Abass Bundu
  • Christine Thomas
Team of the Year 
  • Informatics Team
  • Peer Coaching Choice and Control Team
  • Place of Safety
  • Amber Ward
  • Coral Ward
  • Communications Team
  • ISS Cleaning Team
  • The Clozapine Clinic, HMHC
  • Crisis Teams (Islington and Camden) & CSPA
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Services
  • Sapphire Ward - staff who worked on Sapphire ward in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Mental Health Law Team
  • Clinical Administrators team (led by Angie Robinson and Nerma Russell)
  • Drayton Park and Shirley McNicholas
  • Dunkley Ward
  • Camden Memory Service
Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Kathy Breidenbach
  • Alberta Bunbury
  • Luke Howard and Anthony Prodromou
  • Martin Delgado
  • David Sugar
  • Olga Christian
  • Volunteer drivers
  • Restraint Debrief Volunteer Team
Wellbeing Champion of the Year
  • Dr Beverley Flint
  • Marcia Robinson
  • Dr Golnar Aref-Adib
  • iCope Camden and Islington
  • Sital Gorasia
Well done to all individuals and teams who have been nominated! If you have any questions about the event, please email 

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