Star of the Month - Discharge Facilitation Team

Mandy Jesse Izzy

Congratulations to Mandy Woods, Jesse Gyami and Isobel Sheard, who have been presented with our latest Star of the Month award for going above and beyond to support the smooth and efficient discharge of patients at Highgate Mental Health Centre.

Mark McLaughlin, Non-Executive Director, surprised the Discharge Facilitation Team last week to present the award. Mark presented the team with a certificate, badges, cakes, biscuits, and a gift voucher.

Mandy, Jesse and Izzy were nominated by Mark Sellars, Matron to the Bed Management & Discharge Facilitation Team. Part of the team’s nomination noted:

“The Discharge Facilitation Team have been instrumental in progressing service users discharges from inpatient services to ensure length of stay is as close to the national benchmarking as possible.

“These staff are incredibly dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic in their work ethic and professionalism to support service users compassionately. Whilst working collaboratively with mental health and external agencies to ensure robust action is expedited so care and social needs are met.

“On the weekend of 26 June, Jesse Gyami, made himself available to fly to Canada to support a service user who was unable to fly independently. He flew over and back in the same day. This was arranged with 24 hours notice and it is due to Jesse's flexibility and willingness to assist others that is making this service user’s repatriation possible. It also financially assisted the NHS, as the costs incurred for the service user to remain in hospital are far greater than the repatriation costs.

“Isobel (Izzy) Sheard stayed at work until 10pm on Thursday 24 June to ensure a service user could return to Ireland for 9am on 25 June. Again, such dedication and positive work ethic has ensured a vulnerable service user has a management plan in place to ensure they return to their native country safely.

“Mandy Woods exudes a very strong work ethic and is an excellent communicator in bridging professionals and services together, so service users get the treatment and services they need as quickly as possible and she leads the team superbly.”

When presenting the team with the award, Mark said “Congratulations on this much-deserved award. You hear the phrase ‘above and beyond’ a lot, but Canada and back on the same day truly is going above, beyond, and then some. Congratulations, enjoy the biscuits and cakes, and keep up the inspirational work.”  

If you know someone who deserves to be recognised as our next Star of the Month, you can nominate them here.

Or, if you know someone who deserves to be recognised as one of our Star of the Year, nominations open next week and more details will be shared in due course.

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