Staff nurse Vilma Toledo winner of The Great British Care Award

Our staff nurse, Vilma Toledo, won the Great British Care Awards for Dignity in Care 2015.

The 65-year-old healthcare professional has been working at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust’s Stacey Street for 12 years. 

“I won the regional award first for the borough of Islington, followed by the national. I was a little bit nervous in front of the judges but it was a great experience. They asked me how I understand dignity. For me, dignity is about being worthy, treating people as unique individuals and providing them with the right kind of care to meet their needs.”

Our staff at Stacey Street provide nursing care for people over 55, they ensure residents receive assistance with daily activities including washing, dressing, eating and drinking and provide in-house and outdoor activities from singing to bingo, or a trip to the sea side.

Vilma is so committed that she even spends her time off ensuring the well being of residents. Michael Orr, Acting Manager of Stacey Street explained, “Vilma has been here since 2003 and staff have described her as ‘committed, caring and reliable’. There is no denying she is dedicated to her job.

“She takes it upon herself to visit every resident who has been admitted to hospital, even on her days off, to check they are being looked after properly.

“Vilma goes above and beyond. Every Sunday she leads on a religious service for residents and staff including on her days off.

“She also runs reflective closure sessions for any deceased residents, giving people emotional space to talk about the departed.” Vilma has been in nursing for 35 years now and has never looked back.

She explained, “Before I came to nursing I was teaching in the Philippines. I ended up in the school of nursing in Cornwall in the 80s, I knew I wanted to continue working with people, although it is a different group of people, and a different culture, the principles are the same. I am delighted I decided to be a nurse, I couldn’t have thought of a better career to suit me!”

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