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Staff and service users present at NHS Elect conference

On 5 December, C&I staff and service users were invited to speak at a national NHS Elect conference on the positive impact of using authentic and total co-production and co-delivery on an Induction project. The project/session was launched at the Trust’s Corporate Induction in April 2019.
Service users, Johnny and Carmen, Apprenticeship and Training Lead (formerly Induction and Core Skills Manager), Myra Whiskar and Quality Improvement Coach, Nicola Ballingall, attended the conference to share their experiences with a room of NHS professionals on how successful co-production with service users brings value to inductions. They had also co-produced the presentation.
This covered how the Induction session was developed and delivered, what our service users felt that they had learnt and gained from the experience, and what happened and the lessons learnt from the subsequent QI intervention regarding setting co-production standards.
Taken from their slides from the presentation, Carmen and Johnny said that they ‘felt a sense of freedom, more confidence, strong, special and a part of the C&I family’. They also mentioned that they had learnt public speaking skills, how to interact with staff, boundaries, time management and fearlessness. 
Myra Whiskar said: “This was more than ‘including’ service users in induction for me – it’s giving new staff the opportunity to directly be both faced with and educated by service users on the central purpose of their  role, wherever they work, so that the perception is set and stereotypes are challenged. When this is directly produced with and delivered by service users themselves, it is a vital, powerful and genuine voice that is heard early on in their time with us and so the standard is set.”

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