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Research on phone use and mental health relapse

A new study is to take place at the Trust, looking at whether smartphone technology can be used to detect and predict relapse in people with serious mental illness. Full details are here.

Participants in the Relapse Evaluation using Smartphone Technology (REST) study will install the Discovery app on their smartphone. The app gathers information about how the phone is being used eg how often it is picked up, or gestures such as swipes and taps. It does not record the content. Participants will also be asked for permission to gather specific information from their medical records.

The aim of the study, which is being run by UCL, is to discover whether the way in which someone interacts with their phone remains the same, or changes, if they start to relapse.  If it does change, this could act as an early warning sign of relapse. In the future this could help with the provision of timely support, before crisis point is reached.

In order to join the study, participants must:

  • be aged 18 to 65
  • have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or psychosis
  • own a smartphone
  • have been in contact with the C&I crisis team, or have been an inpatient at C&I, within the previous 12 weeks

If you are interested, please email REST@candi.nhs.uk, or phone/text 07585 999 188, and we will send you an information sheet about the study.


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