Primary care mental health service commissioned for Islington

29 May 2015

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) is delighted that after its successful pilot across five GP Practices, Islington CCG has commissioned a full primary care mental health service for the whole Borough.

The roll out will begin in three GP practices in South Islington, and it’s hoped the service will be available to all practices by the end of the year.

What is a GP Primary Care Mental Health Service?

This is a service which provides mental health expertise on your doorstep.  A team of C&I consultants, nurses and psychologists will work alongside GPs and other primary care professionals, sometimes within the practice itself.  They will offer mental health expertise, advice, training and consultation to GPs and practice staff and see patients for comprehensive mental health assessments.

Which patients should use the service?

The service will helps patients with a broad range of mental health difficulties which GPs are having difficulty managing, however the service is not for clients who are already under the care of existing secondary services.

C&I’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Calaminus says: “Patients seem happier to engage with mental health services when the service is based in general practice, or very locally.  We know GPs can’t be experts at everything and we are on hand, either a phone call or a walk down the corridor away, so GPs can get the expert information they need, and quickly.”

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