Our Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service

C&I has a new 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service (MHCAS) at St Pancras Hospital. We offer a calm and therapeutic mental health setting to see the majority of emergency mental health presentations and represent an improvement on the service previously offered in busy emergency departments. We see and asses anyone that would otherwise go to an emergency department for mental health reasons and does not have an urgent medical need (for example an overdose of medication).
The service was introduced at the start of the pandemic when Emergency Departments were under unprecedented pressure due to COVID-19.  

People in mental health crisis should telephone our 24/7 crisis line as usual on 0800 917 3333 or contact their usual community mental health team. This service can then advise whether you need emergency attention at MHCAS and direct you here or whether your needs are better met elsewhere. If advised to attend MHCAS you can come straight to our door and no referral is needed. Ambulances, police and other mental health teams can bring people straight to our door when emergency assessment is needed – professional referrers are asked to ring ahead to the unit on 0203 317 7345 for a clinical discussion.
We offer full emergency mental health assessments and onward care planning in the department with a diverse and highly skilled mental health workforce incorporating support workers, peer coaches, nurses and doctors. We can support every aspect of emergency mental health care planning from GP referrals to Mental Health Act Assessments.

Where and when it operates

The Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the St Pancras Hospital site, 4 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PE                                              

A map is provided below:


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